The Simple Things


Look at the pure joy on these children’s faces as they receive a pair of new shoes. This simple act of getting new shoes can be the first step toward a new life filled with hope and happiness for the orphans and vulnerable children that CHINAR supports. CHINAR is dedicated to providing these children a healthy lifestyle and quality education so that they can grow and succeed.


Pilot Program Launch

CHINAR is pleased to announce the launch of their newest Education Pilot Program in Kashmir! We have partnered with the Department of School Education Kashmir (DSEK) to improve the quality of education in Kashmir’s schools and increase the focus on vulnerable children within the system.

The Pilot currently includes two schools in Srinagar and one school in Budgam and is posed to add three more schools to its initiative. After assessing these schools, a plan for each will be developed and implemented. This will ensure that each school is getting the materials and assistance that it needs to provide a quality education to its students.

This pilot phase will last for a year, after which CHINAR will increase their coverage of schools and districts in Kashmir. Continue to follow us on Facebook and Twitter @ News_CHINAR for more updates on the growth and impact of our pilot program and to hear about our other initiatives.

Handwara Distribution Event

After Receiving Supplies

CHINAR’s most recent event in Handwara was a great success! On Saturday, May 17th CHINAR organized distribution of supplies to participants in the Remote Child Sponsorship Program in Handwara, which was accompanied by performances by the children and speeches by their teachers and school officials.

The event opened with a warm welcome and thanks by the Principal of AIIMS (Ain-lL-ILUM-Institute of Morality & Science), Suliman Mir. He thanked CHINAR for their aid, stating, “We are very proud of CHINAR who selected these poor families and their children and provided them educational support”. He mentioned that Child Nurture & Relief is the only non-government organization working in the Upper Rajwara area of Handwara, making CHINAR’s work even more imperative.

In the following speech by CHINAR’s Programs Manager, Yassar Shah discussed the role of CHINAR in the community and their work to provide a quality education to vulnerable youth. He told guests that CHINAR’s program in Handwara began in August 2013. Now coming up on its one-year anniversary CHINAR is proud to see the improvement in its beneficiaries and add more families to the Remote Child Sponsorship Program to continue this support.

After speaking of the work CHINAR is doing for the education of children, guests were able to witness this progress for themselves in their presentations. Students performed songs and poems for the audience, demonstrating the immense impact education has had on CHINAR’s participants. Third-grader Sajid Mansoor War’s presentation titled “A School Without a Teacher is Just Like a Body Without a Soul” captured this spirit perfectly. “I could not believe my eyes when I saw the performances of all the kids. They have achieved and learned a lot in these months”, said Project Co-Coordinator Salma Ashai.

After these touching performances the CHINAR team and AIIMS School’s principal distributed summer supplies to the children. Their new supplies include school uniforms, casualwear, school shoes, and school bags to prepare them for the summer months. Additionally, they were given medicine to aid in de-worming to ensure the children’s health and nutrition. The event also included the signing of contracts with 9 new families. These families will now be offered support under the Remote Child Sponsorship Program. CHINAR is happy to be adding new families to their programs and empowering these children through education initiatives.


Salute the Spirit of Motherhood


Child Nurture & Relief is happy to announce the success of their most recent event this past Mother’s day. The event included a photo gallery with photograph prints on canvas donated by photographers Suhail Mir, Sarfraz Durrani, Sarosh Mir, and Irfan Shahmiri. The artwork was purchased throughout the night during our silent auction and live auction hosted by Sehla Ashai to benefit CHINAR’s mission. Photographers Suhail Mir and Sarosh Mir covered the event, and guests were able to their photo taken during the donor appreciation photo shoot.

The event also included a moving video on Child Nurture & Relief’s efforts, produced by CHINAR intern Ray Dobson. Following this were presentations by CHINAR ambassadors Amjad Khan and Sehla Ashai on the importance of CHINAR’s work and its impact on children and families in Kashmir.

Many thanks to everyone who came to the event to support CHINAR; thanks to your help we raised around $30,000 from the art auction, donations, and pledges! To stay updated on future events follow us on Twitter @news_chinar and like us on Facebook!





Not only is CHINAR an abbreviation for Child Nurture and Relief, it is also a huge tree that is an integral part of Kashmiri tradition and is found in almost every village in the valley. Chinars can grow up to 100ft. tall and 40ft. wide and can live as long as 500 years. This name is well-suited, as CHINAR aims to promote the growth and development of Kashmir’s youth. 6305112817_9088ea0e89_z